Ditto Writer

Branding/ UX/UI/ Wireframing

In my time at the Oklahoman Media Company we produced many customized online news publishing tools. The writing tool we created went through two versions. The first version – Ditto Blog Writer – was primarily used for blogging. It replaced Wordpress and a custom Wordpress export plugin we had created in-house. The next version was a true inline news editing tool, based on Angular 2 and Typescript. I designed the UX/UI for both tools as well as developed the front-end code.

Blog Writer 1.0

Ditto Blog Writer was a replacement for a Wordpress-based workflow that utilized a custom plugin.

Ditto Writer 2.0

The Workflow was the main navigation for the edit screens
Create / Produce / Edit / Schedule / Publish
Ditto Writer 2.0 - edit screen
Ditto Writer 2.0 - Edit screen / search drawer open
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